Ishani is a creative soul with a strategic mind.

In Motion with Ishani, is an audio-video podcasting service offered by Ishani Nigam.

I developed a passion for creating audiovisual content that delivers impactful messages in society since childhood. I nurtured this passion into a profession whilst working in advertising, production house and digital marketing platforms.I realised the importance of developing marketing skills while having a strong background in audiovisual and communication design. I became marketing communications professional with a masters degree in marketing communications from the University of Melbourne.

– Ishani Nigam

In the past year, Ishani has worked on several short-term projects for Melbourne based firms – Art Encounters, Rowland Pinder Pyt Ltd and Imagineering 2 a Better World with online audiovisual content and designing skills. She also gained experience in podcasting. Through this endeavour, she interviewed 60 + leaders and business owners in worldwide. The podcast is available on Spotify, Google and Apple, which has over 2500+ downloads across 16 countries.

With four years of experience in digital content creation; she has now embarked on a journey to offer her services in audio and video podcasting services.

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