We know, with changing times your business is also re-building its strategies to capture and retain your target audience’s attention. While, the new age-digital world, aka. our post COVID world demands your utmost attention to reach your audiences.

IMWI is here to support and help your business get started with digital content creation which will promote and build your brand community through Podcasting, Video Production and Designing services.

Let, IMWI, help you with its expertise in creating digital content for you, while you concentrate on other essential things.

Besides offering help to businesses, Ishani, is an ardent supporter of the young leaders and she would like to urge them to dream on and work hard towards achieving it, before the time flies”.

Ishani has created and curated skill-building podcasts, videos and resume writings services as a way to help empower them.

Pick your interest

Creative Strategist

Explore Ishani’s creative work in design, doodling, digital print work and more.

Leader, Mentor & Tutor

Jump on to view the valuable experiences Ishani has nurtured so far and how she developed her love for helping the young leaders/students/graduates.

Public Speaker

Explore Ishani’s passion for public speaking.

Clicking mouse. Photo by Lex Photography from Pexels


If you have any questions, suggestions or business related queries please feel free to contact Ishani. She loves to interact with people!

Redbull Basement Pitch video still (top 2 images) and Peer Mentor Program at Royal Exhibition (last image). By Ishani Nigam. https://bit.ly/3elpvXM

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