We all have dreams, goals and desires to do extraordinary work in our lives. But, we often get intimidated with the very first step that leads to our journey. What if we only keep dreaming? Will we ever be able to accomplish those dreams?

The real success lies in dreaming, planning to achieve those dreams and most importantly ACTING on those plans. If just the thought of doing it makes your heart beat faster, then don’t worry my friend. I was as nervous once as you are now. But, then one day, I went beyond that daunting first step and life became easier. And then I realised there are many who start and stop their journey just at the first step.

Podcast Logo courtesy @parui.manash. By Manash Parui.

So, I have now embarked on a journey to interact with accomplished people, who went past that first step, in my new podcast series called My First Step Ever. Through this podcast series, I aim to bring forth real success stories, of people, from various professions and discuss the strategies they employed to overcome their fears. So, get ready to fuel your dreams through these insightful conversations and let yourself fly high.

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