Leader, Mentor & Tutor

Ishani has immensely gained from leadership, mentoring & tutoring experiences and strongly recommends you to harness such opportunities that come your way. Every University offers multiple avenues like clubs, organisations and student development programs that aim to develop your transferability skills, so GRAB each opportunity as it comes!


Ishani currently tutors students at Queen’s College, in CV and cover letter writing. Having considerable experience in this field, she aims to guide her students not just with CVs and cover letter drafting, but also by developing in them an internalisation process (courtesy Ms Maike Schroeder, a career coach at Maikeerer) which would let students understand their true potential.

Need help?

Peer Mentor session. By Ishani Nigam. https://bit.ly/3elpvXM

2. Peer Mentor Program

Ishani volunteered to mentor undergraduate students through Unimelb’s Peer Mentor Program 2020, which enabled her to share her first semester’s experiences. She helped her mentees to transition into the University environment with ease. Furthermore, she provided tips on efficient study patterns and shared employability tips during these sessions. 

From left to right: Networking Night, Board Games Night and Guest Speaker booklet design. By SMAC.

3.Leader – SMAC

Ishani co-founded Society of Marketing Communications (SMAC), in April 2019, under the able mentorship of the Masters of Marketing Communications course coordinators at The University of Melbourne. This club aims to provide marketing communications students with employability and career development skills through networking nights, professional development sessions and social avenues.  

Ishani designed the speaker information booklet for SMAC’s first networking event. She has also been responsible for strategising year long goals and most importantly, providing support to marketing communications team in maintaining a strong brand identity through SMAC’s Facebook groupInstagram handle and LinkedIn account.

4. Student Partner

One year into her Masters of Marketing Communications degree, Ishani aimed to contribute to Unimelb’s student development programs and immerse in the Australian culture. Hence, she volunteered to be a student partner, where she performed game testing for The Orientation Challenge. This online game was shaped to provide opportunity to students to socially stay connected in difficult times during COVID-19. As a member of student volunteer team, she was responsible to collaborate with the other members to design, suggest, analyse and improve the viability of the game.

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