“You are the only person who will remain beside you through all your ups and downs. So, that person better be the best version of yourself

Take look at the videos that talk about everything a young leader, recent graduate or a student and a person with a will to become the best version of themselves should know.

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Don’t Burn the Bridge | Interview Hacks | Graduate Student *New Video*

Mindset Shift. By Ishani Nigam

Decoding your Unique Selling Point!

Mindset Shift. By Ishani Nigam

Align your skills with the industry & company that aligns with your personal values!
Mindset Shift. By Ishani Nigam

How a ‘mindset shift’ can empower you in your interview.
Mindset Shift. By Ishani Nigam

I discovered my transferable skills in the most unexpected place !
A Student of Covid Times. By Ishani Nigam

Do you fear taking that ‘First Step Ever’ towards your dreams?
Leader of the week ft.Campus Consultancy. By Campus Consultancy

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